Interior Design Services and Kitchen cabinets

About us

Clients come to us from all over the greater Toronto area and beyond because they want a Stylish kitchen with look and quality that our company has to offer. Many have told us they instinctively connect with our design philosophy and our team

We own and operate our own businesses. RIRA Kitchen and Bath INC. also includes supervisors who supervise and co-ordinate and schedules the activities of carpenters who construct, renovate and maintain structures of wood and other building materials and build and install interior finishing in residential, commercial and industrial buildings; and of cabinetmakers that construct and repair custom wooden cabinets, furniture, fixtures and related products

Organization Objective

The success of each client’s Custom Cabinetry Design is achieved through the united efforts of our team and the refined process that we have developed at the RIRA Kitchen and Bath INC


Keep our business sustainable in the long run
Increase the quantity along with keeping up with the high quality
Unique design
Grow our company (join paint teams)
Opening a new branch
Being one of the best in the industry
Updated with Modern technology and new ideas

Work Process

1. An idea (the first concept comes from our customers)
2. Measurement
3. Sign the contract
4. Design
5. Confirmation
6. Fabrication (Paint, Cut...)
7. Installation
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Our Company experts in the area of interior architecture, construction materials, and building codes. We may specialize in designing interiors for residential, commercial, institutional, cultural and industrial buildings, we may also do trade shows and exhibitions
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We are a team of detail-driven Perfectionist from the stud to the finishing touches working with architects, builders, contractor and trades we create spaces people love. We believe that our unique design, production, and installation meet our client's desire. RIRA INC. has a number of advantages that will allow us to build our brand identity, add value to our clients and build a loyal customer base: while standing apart from our competitors
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Browse our project portfolio for inspiration, ranging Stylish and modern technology, to Warm Contemporary looks, to give your home the RIRA INC Signature style